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No business is created by magic. It takes creativity, commitment, and—most of all—a lot of hard work. Consider, for example, all the elements it takes to physically protect a business, such as burglar alarms, fire insurance, and maybe security guards with fierce dogs. You want to make sure that you have given the same consideration to cyber security that you have to physical security.

To help you determine the best cybersecurity protection for your organization, here is a link to a great resource: Florida's National Campaign for Cyber Hygiene, a low-cost program that any organization can adopt to achieve immediate and effective defenses against cyber attacks. It has a series of downloadable "toolkits" that outline the five elements of the program: Count, Configure, Control, Patch, Repeat.

In addition, you can click on any of the topics below for more detailed information.

Remember also that employee training can be critical in protecting your network. Read about our C-SAFE training.

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