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About Us

Secure Florida is an initiative of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Secure Florida's mission is to protect the citizens and economy of Florida by safeguarding our information systems, reducing our vulnerability to cyber attacks, and increasing our responsiveness to any threat.

To further this mission, FDLE has defined six key elements that are essential to Florida's cyber security:

Creating partnerships between citizens, businesses, academia, law enforcement, and government.

Establishing a recognizable presence within the Florida community as the up-to-date source for information security issues.

Educating citizens, businesses, and agencies on the threats to our communication and computer systems from terrorism, natural disasters, and human error, as well as the need to take action before a loss of information occurs.

Providing citizens, businesses, and agencies the resources they need to protect their own information systems, especially in the areas of:

  • Best practices for security and protection of information and systems.
  • Steps that should be taken when a disaster occurs.
  • Timely alerts when a disaster threatens.

Responding to the concerns of citizens, businesses, and agencies in a way that meets their needs and garners their trust, by respecting the privacy of citizens, and ensuring that all information is treated with the highest level of confidentiality.

Pursuing community and legislative initiatives to support our mission.

Secure Florida Publications
Secure Florida produces two periodicals designed to spread the word about cybersecurity issues:
The FIPC Dispatch - A twice-weekly newsletter with stories gleaned from top security, research, and news websites. You can sign up The FIPC Dispatch here.
The Secure Florida Beacon - A quarterly publication featuring updates on cybersecurity trends. Sign up for The Secure Florida Beacon here, or click here to see our archives.

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