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The Internet is a wonderful place for kids. It can be a valuable research tool to aid them in their school work. There are fun games that allow them to increase the scope of their knowledge, and—let's face it—it's just a great way to socialize with friends.

43% of teens have been victims of cyberbullying in the last year.

National Crime Prevention Council

However, there are potential risks that you and your child need to be aware of. There is the possibility of exposure to inappropriate material, as well as exposure to potential predators. Our children might innocently give away too much information to others about themselves or about your household. And there's also the very real potential that your child might be the target of cyberbullies. is here to help! Kids, take our quiz and see how you score in our online safety quiz. Parents, browse our pages and learn what you can do to help make the Internet a safer environment for your children.

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