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  • Build a Network
  • Change Email Security Settings
  • Hook Up a New Computer
  • Interpret an Email Header
  • Secure Apache, PHP, and MySQL
  • Secure Your Browser
  • Secure Your Domain Name
  • Secure Your Wireless
  • Trace an IP Address
  • Use the Internet for Research
  • The pages in this section detail how to set up various features on your computer to maintain better security. If there is a topic that you would like to see covered in this section, please let us know by using the comments form.


    There are many ways to configure each of the programs that you use every day. Your email applications, Internet browser, and more advanced programs such as IIS and SQL, all contain security settings that aid you in establishing a level of protection that you can be comfortable with.

    Many programs need "tweaking" to be safe from malicious code writers and hackers who surreptitiously attempt to infect your system.

    Learning the proper configuration for your systems is the first step to ensuring a safer cyber space.


    Many hardware devices also have security settings that the user can configure. Even common household computer devices have security settings that can be critical to ensuring your safety and privacy on the Internet.

    Many of these devices ship with the lowest level of security in place, so leaving the settings at the factory-set level could leave your system vulnerable.

    The pages in the "How To" section of Secure Florida are suggestions and instructions on how to change your settings for better security. Unfortunately, some of these settings will inhibit certain functions of the applications and hardware that you are making more secure. If you are unsure of whether or not to use these security precautions, contact your cyber security professional. Secure Florida is not responsible for any damage caused to your system by following these instructions.

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