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Legal Issues

We have all heard the phrase, "There oughta be a law...!"

It usually gets uttered when someone has been the victim of a "crime" that really isn't a crime. Unfortunately, it's heard all too often in the cyber arena. The rate of advancement in computers, communications, and internet technology is unprecedented, and the laws - and the lawmakers - just can't keep up.

Secure Florida will continue to monitor legislative activity and court decisions across the country so that, in addition to bringing you the latest on cyber security issues, we can also bring you the latest on cyber security laws.

General Legal Resources

  • Find Law: A comprehensive set of legal resources for legal professionals, businesses, students and individuals.
  • The 'Lectric Law Library: Easy-to-find law-related information and products for legal professionals, businesses, and formal and informal students of the law. Light-hearted and humorous, but full of good information.
  • Provides legal information for Internet and technology professionals, Internet entrepreneurs, and the lawyers who serve them. is produced exclusively by lawyers and law professors.
  • Westlaw: A major online legal research service, providing a broad collection of legal resources, news, business, and public records information. Westlaw is for legal professionals only, and requires you to register before use.
  • The Law Engine: A site that calls itself, "The best online legal sources in a fast 'single-view' format."
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