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The FIPC Dispatch 04-27-2017

Published April 27, 2017

Articles of Note

New Wave of CTB-Locker/Critroni Ransomware Hitting Victims

UK Man Gets Two Years in Jail for Running ‘Titanium Stresser’ Attack-for-Hire Service

Hack the US Air Force, and make cash… legally!

Picture this: Senate staffers’ ID cards have photo of smart chip, no security

Fitbit: One explodes, data from another used to charge husband with wife's murder

[CLEAN-UP] Do you know where your old email addresses are?

Ransomware attacks are taking a greater toll on victim's wallets

Ashley Madison blackmailers threaten to create Cheater’s Gallery exposing members who don’t pay up

[BONUS.COOL.SOUND] Jaw-dropping timelapse of the night sky will fill you with awe

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