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  • A long time ago,
    in a galaxy far, far away…
    (okay, forget that last part)

    …we used to talk about “social networking sites.” That was way back before the Internet itself became one huge social network.

    You have engaged in social networking all your life - schools and businesses, parks and churches, parties and malls…these are where people have always networked. You know how to evaluate strangers and stay away from the unsavory element.

    At do in person.

    What about online? Online we don’t have the same clues that we do in person. You can’t see how a person acts; you can’t listen to them speak. The tools we have always relied upon to evaluate strangers are gone online. We need to develop a new set of tools.

    Kids and Socializing Online. has some valuable tips for fun and safe online socializing. Although the tips are directed at kids, they work for adults, too!

    The topics at the left will give you some more information for getting started. You can also request free cybersecurity training for your school, business, government agency, and civic or religious groups. Read about our C-SAFE training.

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